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Thank you very much for visiting this website. Regarding your personal privacy, Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. will absolutely respect and provide complete protection. We will also be committed to safeguarding your privacy in accordance with the current laws and regulations, but for links to this website To other external websites, the content of other external websites is not covered by this privacy statement.


Acknowledgement of privacy statement

If you provide your personal information on this website, it means you accept this privacy statement. If you do not accept this privacy statement, please do not provide your personal information on this website. If you choose not to provide basic personal information on this website, you will not be able to use part of the content of this website and obtain part or all of the services of Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd., such as accessing specific webpages or areas of this website, participating in sweepstakes or competitions, and requesting Record or sample, or receive an email from us.


Collection and processing of personal data

When you visit this website, the web server of this website will automatically record your IP address (the number assigned to use when your computer connects to the Internet), the exact date and time of your visit. Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. will use "Cookies" to record the browsing behavior and preferences of visitors to this website when you visit this website (Cookies are some information stored in your computer hard drive by the browser) for management or improvement The quality of this website. And your personal information, such as name, gender, address, phone number, credit card information, nickname, email address, will only be stored when you provide it actively.

When you provide personal information to this website, it means that you authorize Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. and other persons who need to know your personal information (including but not limited to the domestic and overseas affiliates of Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. (including but not limited to An Dong Trading Co., Ltd., Xinzheng Engineering Co., Ltd., Anzhou Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., Anbao Technology Co., Ltd., Anjun Co., Ltd., ARC United Engineering, Inc, Anzhen (Ningbo) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.) , And provide professional consulting or other services to Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd., deal with affairs or have business cooperation or business relations with cooperative manufacturers or personnel, the Republic of China, and Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. engages in commercial activities or provides services The competent authority, judicial authority or other government unit of the jurisdiction country or Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. who shall provide personal data to them in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, etc.) may follow the scope of specific purposes described in the following "Use of Personal Data" in this privacy statement , And during the duration of these purposes, collect, process, use your personal data or conduct international transmission of your data, but you still have the right to notify Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. to restrict the use of your personal data in the future . The pages you enter on this website may also collect third-party information through you (for example, to provide you with the function of forwarding articles to friends, in which case we need the recipient’s name and email address). Please understand that we only Use the aforementioned information within the scope of the specific purpose for which you provided the information (for example, to post the article you forwarded).


Use of personal data

Your personal information will only be used for the management purposes of this website, customer satisfaction surveys, customer service, product and market surveys, marketing, and other specific purposes for which you originally logged in (for example: participating in a lottery or sending gifts to you) For other purposes. All personal information is restricted to avoid access, modification or abuse by unauthorized persons. The employees and distributors of Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. are required to comply with the confidentiality obligations of Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd., so they will also accept the relevant management regulations of Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Change statement

Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. reserves the right to adjust, change or revoke this privacy protection statement on its own, and we recommend that you frequently browse this privacy statement to keep up with the latest information.



In order to prevent the damage or destruction of personal data caused by deliberate or negligence, or to refuse to accept unauthorized operations, Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts technological and organizational defense measures to protect your personal data. Our security defense Measures will continue to be strengthened as new technologies improve.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this privacy protection statement, please let us know.


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